Unified State Theory masthead artwork
The Unified State Theory is that the study of one's
        self always reveals a path to greater perfection,
        unifying all states of one's being and that this
        pursuit of finding order within chaos gives one
        a foundational sense of meaningful purpose in
Thing is a matter of concern;
    the aim of effort or activity.
Imaginary is existing only in imagination;
    formed or characterized imaginatively;
    of or relating to the imaginary unit.
Real is having objective independent existence;
    capable of being detected;
    of or relating to real numbers.
Complex is a whole consisting of interrelated parts;
    typically involving Real and Imaginary aspects;
    hard to separate, analyze, solve;
    of or relating to complex numbers.
Ontology is metaphysics concerned with the nature and
        relations of being;
    a particular theory about the nature of being or the
        kinds of things that have existence;